Add Paragraphs

Click the [+] symbol at the bottom of the wiki page. This creates a gray "factory" at the end of the story.

Text: Double-click the gray to open the text editor. Proceed as you would to Add Text to existing paragraphs.

Plugins: Click from the factory menu to Choose Plugins for rendering the text you subsequently type.

Image: Drag an image from your desktop to the factory. Caution: There is not yet any special attention given to large, high-resolution images. Consider using your desktop software to make the image smaller before including it in wiki.

Note: if Drag and Drop images are returning 'Unexpected Items' in your wiki, it's because SFW has not yet been coded to perform this action in your user environment. Workaround: create an html file with a set of images and use html-json.rb

Reference: Drag the url of another Federated Wiki site to the factory to create a bibliographic reference of that page. The page's synopsis becomes the text of the reference. When absent, the first or second paragraph serves in its stead. See an Example Reference.