Category City

Wiki pages that describe cities around the world should mention Category City, so you can find them when you click the page title above.

Note: Cities mentioned should have links to appropriate topics within the scope of this wiki. Including such things as wiki members, extreme programming or other organized and participating groups, the extent of software development and employment potential of the city or metropolitan area. It should not be used as merely a place to mention or promote a city since there are thousands and thousands which might be included. The chamber of commerce and searches via google will provide all necessary population, area, tourist information, etc.

If you want to do it on a wiki, try Wiki Pedia. After all, that's our job. -- Wikipedian

The Stockholm page was restored by me, not Lars. I did so because it is the capital and had many backlinks. Note that some city names include an accented character which can't be part of the name of the page.

I went through fixing backlinks, too, but you went to the trouble to restore them. And you went to the trouble to hide your changes on Recent Edits, rather than Recent Changes. And you insist on remaining anonymous. This gives me no respect for you. I trust that not all Swedes are as insecure about the visibility of their capital.

I didn't mean that the backlinks needed to be fixed. I meant that the backlinks (whether fixed or not) justified the existence of the page.

By that logic then no refactoring is possible.

I see a place page as similar, in a way, to a category page. There are only a dozen or so city pages - not enough to cause great concern. Because a place is not intrinsically controversial, it's reasonable to allow a long time for information to accumulate.

Yet none did. Mind you, I think many of the category pages are vacuous, too.

Besides, it's odd to say "reasonable to allow a long time for information to accumulate", given the basic principle of creating a page only when there is already something to say on it. There's no need to do a preemptive strike and create a page in hopes that content comes later.

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