Frequently Asked Questions

As our end user documentation emerges we can expect there to be many questions. We will collect answers here, organize them and then use this to guide improvements faq

Is there a better place to ask questions?

Developers ask questions and discuss features by posting issues to the GitHub project.

We meet in a video chat every Wednesday at 10am west coast (pacific) time. We'll revise the link here 10 or 15 minutes before we start. hangout

There is an IRC channel, #fedwiki on

There is a Google Group mailing list. It hasn't caught on.

We hold meetups occasionally in Portland. Watch Calagator for announcements.

Is there some documentation for those iconic buttons at the bottom of an article? I see that they are adding up and creating a history, I just don't get what they are doing, what they are for, or what they mean.

The unicode icons depict the performed action. The current list of actions are: move, edit, add, remove, and fork. Older versions showed a first character of the action. Hover to see the complete name.

In terms of the full vision of the project, when you fork or pull in content from another server in the federation, will you pull in its history also?

Yes. A federated wiki page is its Story and its Journal.

See Concepts for basic terminology.

If the Journal gets long, there are many ways to shorten it. For example, keep only the Forks and Actions since the last Fork

Do you always make a point of using the full name Smallest Federated Wiki, perhaps to encourage development of something like brand awareness?

I use the term Smallest Federated Wiki when referring to the GitHub project. I use the term Federated Wiki when referring to the communities that I believe will emerge based on work explored first there. SFW is a reasonable shorthand when referring to that project among those familiar with it.

How do I tell where a page is located? How do I create page that lives somewhere besides the server being visited?

When you click on the flag (favicon) of any federated wiki page you go to the Welcome Visitors for that page's site. By convention this page links to pages for the site's owner and more content that the owner curates on your behalf. See More About Browsing and Linking Sites.