Comments here about HyperArtifacts reconstructed from some work done in March of 2008.

... I'm struggling to understand what you're doing. It really sound like you're producing a wiki, or a WikiLike thing - that could be used as a SisterSite, and which has pages for all these terms that you think of as definitions, and which others claim don't belong on this (c2) wiki.

... Q

Is that right?

... A


Key to the use of HyperArtifacts is the HyperRepository which might be termed a HyperDictionary, a compilation of hyper-words, which reference information which a includes attributes, properties and processes.

A HyperRepository can have many containers, consumers, and can exist in, be distributed and maintained in, a local computer and / or be distributed throughout the web.

... Well, I guess I simply don't have your vision, but I really don't understand what you're doing. It seems incredibly high on the GingerFactor, but maybe we simply don't share a common vocabulary. I've read and re-read everything I can find that you've written about this, and it communicates nothing to me, so I wish you all the best, and hope one day to share the fruits of your labor.

Perhaps I can make things clear by providing examples and explanations which are included in a private program I run on my own computer, which is of course not finished yet.

I program primarily for my own benefit, and am constantly adding via languages I have learned in Community College. I have taken on a programming chore that has proven to be flexible and extensible because it depends primarily on the processing of text composed in natural language.

It is not done in the usual way, while employing the usual things in differing ways, depending on past, present and future technology.