Ian Osgood

I am a Software Engineer at The TOVA Company in Portland Oregon, mostly Working From Home porting an Ms Dos program to Java Language and Xslt Language. Their business is a Continuous Performance Test (CPT) for Attention Deficit Disorder. It is accurate enough to titrate dosage of medications such as Ritalin Drug, avoiding the all-too-common problem of overmedication. Our company uses and helps develop Iki Wiki for both our internal documentation wiki and our public web site. It was chosen for its integration with Git Version Control.

I bookmarked New Recent Changes, and use this great place to learn about Agile Processes.

Once upon a time, I hacked Unix at Reed College along with Bill Trost. Bart Massey was my Physics TA, and I now work on rockets with him. Small world!

I also have personal experience of one of the Schedule Stories.

My avocations are:

Game Of Chess (including tournament directing for a state scholastic chess organization, www.chessforsuccess.org)

Game Of Go (10 kyu) (a great learning resource is Senseis Library)

Gnu Go: although Free Software, it was comparable in strength with commercial Go programs, having won the 2003 and 2006 Computer Olympiads

Fuego: a free program incorporating the recent advances in Monte Carlo Tree Search

writing programs to play chess and Go

I wrote the first implementation of Bughouse chess on the Free Internet Chess Server (freechess.org)

A chess program written in Forth (www.quirkster.com)

A Go program written in Forth (www.quirkster.com)

I've contributed Forth implementations on the various language comparison pages (Category In Many Programming Languages)

I've also contributed to the Great Computer Language Shootout. I'd encourage other disenfranchised Programming Language advocates to do the same.

I contribute to many Programming Chrestomathy sites, such as Rosetta Code

At one time I'd become obsessed with Snusp Language and False Language. Puzzling procrastination possibilities!

And then I combined the two interests: Java Script interpreters for Esoteric Programming Languages! (www.quirkster.com)

building guided rockets, and learning about Java Language and Linux Device Drivers along the way (psas.pdx.edu)

I guess that makes me a Rocket Scientist!

LV2 2001-2005 R.I.P. literally :( psas.pdx.edu

We will rebuild it... stronger... faster... does anyone have any experience with Functional Programming on Power Pc Embedded Systems?

May 31, 2009: Finally saw a successful launch! Onward to new avionics...

In 2010 we flew active roll control! But high speed aerodynamics are tricky; it actually rolled the opposite direction from how we turned the canard fins!

other Open Source work with my rocket teammates:

XCB, a light-weight replacement for Xlib (xcb.freedesktop.org)

cairo, a drawing library (cairographics.org)

revamping the Linux USB infrastructure

math and logic puzzles (curse you, Math Quiz One! :) ...but I did get Petals Around The Rose quickly (probably because I've been playing too much Dungeons And Dragons).

My wife recently got me hooked on Su Doku. I also like Slither Link puzzles.

Gnomin', gnomin', gnomin'... Ignore the Wiki Trolling... Keep them words a-flowin'... elide!

I'm doing this gnoming on Wiki Pedia these days, awaiting some technical resolution of the Anon Is Still Banned Zero Tolerance debacle.

I have also worked at at Extensis, working in downtown Portland Oregon. I coded in Cee Plus Plus, Objective Cee, and Java Language, mainly working on a consumer Mac/Win image database called Portfolio. I was especially interested in Test Driven Development, Unit Testing Legacy Code, and Large Scale Cpp Software Design. Our project had at least three Testing Frameworks all devoid of tests. :( Make that four, and we're finally getting tests written. :)

The company's first use of Iterative Development was a great success. Both of our major product lines produced featureful and robust product revisions on the scheduled release dates. We even did away with our Beta Testing phase. I attribute this as much to Managing Expectations as improved engineering.

Like my father before me, I Bike To Work and feel much better for it.

I participated in an Xp Code Sprint held in Portland in April 2005. What a blast! It was my first experience with all the XP practices together at once. I learned Python Language and many Extreme Programming Core Practices (Test First, Planning Game, Project Velocity, Onsite Customer, Pair Programming, Pair Promiscuously, Small Releases, Collective Code Ownership).

It didn't hurt that the challenge, Line Of Sight Chess, was one of my hobbies. Having Ward Cunningham as the coach didn't hurt, either. :)

Just got back from a demo of Harry Porters Relay Computer. Amazing! Makes me nostalgic for the days of programming the IMSAI-8080 from the front panel switches.

I've been salivating over the aerodynamic Aptera vehicle (www.aptera.com). I'm hoping they start selling it in Oregon before my Prius wears out. If not, I might go after the home-grown Arcimoto Pulse (arcimoto.com).

In the meantime, I have been following the Automotive X Prize (www.progressiveautoxprize.org) with great interest. Almost a dozen of the entrants achieved 100 MPGe or better under the EPA test cycle!

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