Leaving Marks

We often mistakenly consider that our existence is only "about me" and is about "right now".

Whether we like it or not, this is not the case.

We exert influence and significance in the life of others: those of our family, our friends, our home, our work, and our community, as well as other places.

This influence and significance may be momentary, but on occasion, what we are and do lasts beyond the time of it.

We are "leaving marks".

While the effect is notable and evident in those occupied in performance, presenting, teaching, designing and constructing, and in others made responsible for how we socially interact, it is also something each and every non-solitary individual exacts on those with which he or she is involved.

The marks we may leave are sometimes "artifacts", having a physical reality, while others are simply "influences".

Some times our marks are "paid for", as in cases of employment or the sale of produced "artifacts", but in other cases they are simply "provided" for free.

It seems that those fitting the second case have the most lasting influence and are the most pervasive.

This means of recording "stuff" is one example of such things. The Smallest Federated Wiki is a product generated and influenced by the inventor of the original "Wiki", Ward Cunningham. It is an enabling technology which has an open and free characteristic which endures, not just in its operation and performance, but also in the "works" generated and presented with it and which inherit the same characteristic.

Marks are not just "things" we can see and hold, but can exist in things we cannot see or hold.

It would be well if we would spend a little of our time and efforts in leaving "good" marks.