Michael Leach


Hello! I live in Portland, Oregon USA and have had an increasing interest in XP and Agile since 1999. I worked with Ward Cunningham to form a software company dedicated to open source portal infrastructure and agile web development.

My company, Cubic Compass Software, develops and manages CRM oriented portal solutions built on the Microsoft Dot Net platform.

Jim Shore was employee #1 at Cubic Compass where he developed Nunit Asp and helped establish many development and testing principles.

I'm a member of the Portland Xp Users Group where I try to present about once a year (see Portland Xp Users Group Notes). This is a fantastic group that shares in a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. Please contact me (see below) if you're interested in sponsoring XPDX events.

Every other year, or so, I like to take some time off to compose and produce Electronic Jazz music. I spend a lot of time in the Summer exploring the many Oregon Forests, Rivers, and Pacific Coast Trails.

My Blog can be found at www.i-dialogue.com

Primary interests:

Interactive Marketing

Object Oriented Database design and object persistence

Software Marketing

Marketing and Service Automation Solutions

Sports Kinesiology

Golf and Jazz

Agile development methodologies (XP, Crystal, RAD, Iterative/Incremental, Spiral)




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Michael, thanks for the marvelous quote by Simonyi on Software Is Art! Magical! --Alain Picard

I agree. Software really is a science, art, craft, and trade all in one. Simonyi's quote does a great job of capturing this. This perspective alone justifies its own Software Is Science Art Craft And Trade page. -Mike

i must say that you have the most brilliant name in all of history. you are a role model for mikes alike. keep up the jazz goodness. -- Michael Leach (andover, england) mikelovesleaches@hotmail.com

Hello Michael Leach of Andover. A quick Google search shows there are a handful that share our name. Glad to meet you :-)

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