Portland Oregon

Here is a web cam from wiki wiki's (and Ward Cunningham's) home town...

The view changes periodically.

Travel tips: wikitravel.org

A few entertaining factoids about Portland and Oregon:

Portland has the largest number of bookstores per capita. (and is home to the legendary Powell's bookstore (Powells Books) (www.powellsbooks.com)

Oregon has the largest number (acreage?) of golf courses per capita.

Portland has become one of the world's beer capitals, with a brewery on practically every corner.

Portland is home to one of the best Japanese gardens outside Japan. (www.japanesegarden.com).

Portland was observed by one observer (on vacation) to have a very high percentage of one occupant commuter vehicles. (non-scientific but noticeable by comparison to other cities encountered)

Portland has embraced light-rail transportation and is enjoying public acceptance and even encouragement.

Wiki users from the Portland area:

Was there a mainframe BBS called FORUM in Portland in the 1970s??

I believe so...

For what it's worth, Linus Torvalds now lives in Portland (he is currently employed by Open Source Development Lab in Beaverton Oregon, one of Portland's suburbs)

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