Running Six Years Behind

Sometimes Procrastination Is a Good Thing Thinking Out Loud.Donald Noyes.20131002

Technology is so vast and so fast, that it is hard to keep up. It is impossible. Therefore:

Try running six years behind the "bleeding edge", finding mature, "Healed Technologies" with which to be occupied.

The advantage to this is that when you do so, you eliminate the multitudes of "blind-alleys" and mindless scurrying about to be the first and best (and most expensive) using the things that everybody "just has to have"

Much of today's technology is geared to the 2-second glimpse at what you don't need to see, just because you can!

Two-Thumbers can be seen in any modern active place, moving about, almost oblivious to what is physically present, being immersed in an addictive mind-cccupying, continuous search for who knows what, instead of sensing and enjoying what is going on around them.

A stand-off, stand-back approach which delays, procrastinates , waiting for things to settle down and for your approach to be personal beneficial and satisfactory.

Another advantage to this is that you can buy the things which have proven "It Works" at a fraction of the price at which it was "introduced".

You can also buy the books about the technology which others have bought, not read, and then sold to "Less than Half-Price bookstores" for a fraction of what they paid for them, often at one-fifth the list-price.

Six year-old technology is modern-technology, and Six-year old "It Works" Technology is worth learning and applying.

But that is only if you want to have immersive exposure and utilization that measures a time span of another six to ten years.

Running Six Years Behind is a strategy that allows for immersion rather than mere "flick of the finger" on a miniature ( be it 3 inch to 10 inch wide palm held device). Immersion can instead be via a Multiple Monitors, viewed in Wide-Screen, High-Definition and consisting of a sit-down and have a coffee, soft-drink, or glass of water experience.


Photographs and Immersion

an interesting applicable technology which may work nicely even though it began in 2006-2007

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